We are two dear friends who have always loved travelling. We had the opportunity (and we hope to have it for a long time) to travel a lot around the world. Passionate about local culture that inspires artists and craftsmanship, we always walked the smallest alleys of any town to discover its wonders. And we were always granted the honour and chance to unravel unique artists and handmade products inspired by cultures all over the world.

We always had a list of favourite people for whom we were bringing back gifts and fun stories to narrate, as if they were with us in every wander, in every city and alley. Bringing back presents also meant bringing back memories that would become a strong source of inexhaustible inspiration. Every gift, big or small, was researched for a specific person and with the thought that it should awake and inspire any of the five senses: Menta in the Box was born.

Menta in the Box has come to be a selection of curated Products & Brands from all over the world. Carefully handpicked during our travels, our unique products aim to offer you a taste of different cultures & innovative designs.

Something from anywhere in the world that carries a story and has a personality of its own.